100+ Quick Tips for Flipping Your Class


Flipped Tips: A Daily Tip Series on Teaching and Learning focused on Flipped Classrooms and Peer Instruction 

Turn to Your Neighbor features quick, practical advice and ideas, in 140 characters or less, for flipping your class  On this page, you can find a selection of those tips categorized. Tips are posted on Twitter daily using hashtag: #flippedtip 

One of the top #flippedtips

What is a Flipped Classroom?

  • How much do you know abt the #flipclass? Compare yourself w/ 400+others http://t.co/blREzOUAu0 #flippedtip #edchat #edtech
  • Check out @bennettscience as he defines Flipped Classrooms here http://t.co/Z1c8CSQY0S #flippedtip #flipclass #edtech
  • Check out what @eric_mazur has to say about the #flipclass & #fliplearning http://t.co/2EOJNx2k8f #flippedtip #edchat
  • True or false – Students will love not have lectures in a flipped class #flippedtip #flipclass http://t.co/OqHvOwE20T
  • Vote now – True or False? A #flipclass replaces teachers w/ computers.  http://t.co/ygI3UtrTYJ #flippedtip #edtech
  • read 10 FAQs about the #flipclass answered by @derekbruff & #ff him http://t.co/CulMYXd6wn #flippedtip #edchat #edtech
  • Vote, True or False? The #flipclass is just the latest edutrend http://t.co/2cmSA89Kkh #flippedtip #globaled #edchat #edtech
  • #peerinstruction & #clicker users – T or F? You can use PI to teach just 1 topic (vs many) http://t.co/SZlKbHDdfR #flippedtip

In-Class: Tips on in-class engagement

Tips for Finding, Writing, and Asking Effective Questions and Developing Assessments 

Out-of-Class: Tips for out-of-class engagement



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