Translated Posts and Quick Start Guides

Worldwide TTYN Readership 3-12-2013

What is Peer Instruction? Peer Instruction 101 – Original post 

Portuguese: Instrução pelos colegas para iniciantes: o que é Instrução pelos Colegas (Peer Instruction)?

7 Myths about the Flipped Classroom, an Interactive Poll – Original post

Spanish – 7 Mitos acerca del salón de clase invertido, Una serie de preguntas interactivas.

Portuguese – Sete mitos sobre a metodologia “Sala de Aula Invertida” (Flipped Classroom), uma série interativa de perguntas

A Quick Start Guide to Flipping your Classroom with Peer Instruction – Original Quick Start Guide Post 

English – Quick Start Guide to Flipping your Class with Peer Instruction

Czech – Rychlý průvodce pro výuku s použitím metody Peer Instruction

German Kurzanleitung: “Flipping Your Classroom“ mit Peer Instruction

SwedishSnabbstartsguide för att Flippa Klassrummet med Peer Instruction

Dutch – Quick Start Guide voor “Flipping your Classroom” met Peerinstructie

Spanish – Guía rápida para cambiar su clase por medio de la Instrucción entre Pares (IP)

Portuguese – Guia Rápido para transformar sua sala de aula, utilizando a Instrução entre Pares (IP)

French – Petit guide de démarrage pour ‘flipper’ (inverser) votre classe avec la méthode Peer Instruction (PI)

Chinese – 同伴教学法快速入门

Korean – 동료교수법 실행 지침서


Norwegian: Lynkurs i bruk av Peer Instruction i undervisningen 

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