Effort involved in creating a screencast

This is a screenshot of my finished 60 second screencast, What is a Flipped Classroom? This screencast took about 3 hours to complete from start to finish. Including:

1. Writing a script of 254 words

2) preparing the slide deck

3) editing the recording (looks like I made 23 cuts of mistakes, breaths, etc)

4) exporting to Youtube (took two tries, b/c the first time I saved the recording at 50% instead of 100% resolution)

My self-assessed level of screencasting experience? Experienced beginner or rising intermediate.

I did not do any advanced editing or add any effects, just edited out blunders and breaths. The original recording was 3 minutes. I used an iMac, Screenflow for the screencast ($99), Samson GoMic for sound recording (40$), TextEdit for the script, and Keynote for the slide deck ($19.99), and Adobe Illustrator ($199+) to edit the visual, which you wouldn’t need to do typically.

Check out our Quick Start Guide for Flipping Your Classroom with Screencasting here

edits to a 60 second video

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  1. Julie Schell

    As a colleague from the flipped learning network noted, it is important here to acknowledge that to be effective, videos absolutely do not need to take this much effort and time. This is especially the case when you are working out a problem live or explaining a concept for students. Many people leave in their blunders as well, but that would have forced me to run over my 60 second limit, so I took them out. I doubt it takes Khan 3 hours to make every 60 second video on his site, for example!

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