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Flipping learning by design: How to use cognitive science research to design flipped classrooms that help people learn best

The Fall 2016 edition of Leadership: Journal of Post-secondary Leaders just published a new article called Flipping by Design.  This article, written by me,  lays out some tips for integrating cutting-edge cognitive science into the design of a flipped classroom. In the piece, I call for a reframing of flipped classrooms based on a pervasive (and destructive) widespread lack of definitional clarity […]

Why Flipped Classrooms Fail Part 3

Flipped classrooms sometimes fall flat. In this third and final post, we continue our exploration of why flipped classrooms fail (see Part 1 and Part 2). You will gain diverse perspectives and new strategies from expert practitioners in K-12 and higher education including flipped learning pioneer, Aaron Sams.  This post is part of The Neighborhood, a special Turn To […]

Why Flipped Classrooms Fail Part 2

In Part 1 of this three part series, I propose one reason why I suspect some flipped classrooms fail while others succeed. [Go to Part 1: Why Flipped Classrooms Fail] Failure is a broad term and there are many ways a flipped classroom can fail.  The type of failure that causes the most tension for me is […]

Why Flipped Classrooms Fail

“I tried Peer Instruction and it didn’t work.”   As a champion of the popular flipped learning method developed by Eric Mazur, this phrase always hits me hard when I hear it from fellow educators. And I do hear it. Over the years, I’ve run into many different accounts of experiments in innovative teaching and flipped […]

From Flipped Classrooms to Flipping with Peer Instruction

In a recent article on flipped learning in USA Today, Nancy Lape of Harvey Mudd College reports finding no statistical difference in students’ learning in a study comparing a “flipped” and a lecture-based classroom.  She states: “(The professors’) lives might be easier and their students might be happier if they just do a traditional class.” […]

Flipped Classrooms 101 – A self-paced, short course

You’ve all met the Boredom Monster. He’s that big blob lurking around our classrooms, poking students in the sides with his slimy fingers for attention and vexing us as we try with all our might to teach content in engaging and inspiring ways.  Flipped teaching can trap the Boredom Monster before he infiltrates your classroom […]

Sete mitos sobre a metodologia “Sala de Aula Invertida” (Flipped Classroom), uma série interativa de perguntas

Por: Julie Schell Tradução: Maykon Müller (IF-UFRGS/Brasil) Como em qualquer fenômeno popular, a Sala de Aula Invertida continua a ganhar atenção. Mitos a seu respeito se espalham facilmente. Nesta série interativa, introduzimos e derrubamos sete mitos através de um conjunto de questões para votação. Instruções: 1. Em cada página, começando a partir desta, você verá […]

What is a flipped classroom? (in 60 seconds)

What is a flipped classroom? Last week, I plopped down for Sunday brunch in New York City with some non-edu obsessed friends and acquaintances I had not seen in a long time.  About 10 seconds after our formal greetings, the person sitting across from me leaned forward and said, “So…not to be too business like, […]

The 2 most powerful flipped classroom tips I have learned so far

Won’t students skip my class if my lectures are available online? This is a question that comes up often in the world of higher education, where class attendance is usually not compulsory.  One fine day early Fall of 2012, I took this question with me on my walk from my office in the University of […]

Learn to do something innovative inside your flipped classroom

“If you wanted to create an education environment that was directly opposed to what the brain was good at doing, you probably would design something like a classroom.” John Medina, Brain Rules In a flip class, educators have dedicated a lot of attention and valiant effort to redesigning approaches to direct classroom instruction (e.g. lecture) […]

7 Myths about the flipped classroom, an interactive question series

  Read this post in Spanish OR Portuguese.  Like any popular phenomena, as the flipped classroom continues to gain attention, myths about it spreads freely. In this interactive series, we introduce and debunk 7 myths through a set of opinion polls. If you want a quick introduction to the flipped classroom, check out this 60 […]

7 Myths about the flipped classroom, debunked

[Return to first page in series] by Julie Schell Myth 1: Flipped classrooms are primarily about putting lecture videos online Debunked: Flipped classrooms can be just about putting lecture videos online and having students do homework in class,  but they can and should be about much more than that. Research-based methods for flipping your classroom include Just-in-Time […]

6 Big Ideas about Flipped Classrooms

In Understanding by Design, Wiggins and McTighe emphasize that the Big Ideas of a course are the most “important and enduring” ideas of an area of study. They also refer to these as linchpin ideas – “the linchpin is the pin that keeps the wheel in place on an axle. Thus, a linchpin idea is […]

Top 10 Hashtags for Flipped Classrooms and Flipped Teaching

Twitter is a great resource for learning about flipped teaching. Everyday, people tweet hundreds of tips, resources, personal stories, pose questions, and float ideas about flipped teaching. (click the # hashtag to see the Top Tweets for that tag, no Twitter account necessary) 1. #flippedclass 2. #flipclass  Both of these tags turn out terrific tweets […]

Use of the term Flipped Classroom

What is a flipped classroom? by Julie Schell We write a lot about the term “flipped classroom,” which is a term we did not invent, so it is worth a little explanation. High school chemistry teachers, Bergmann and Sams (2012), are the guys most people thank and credit for that! Although, they don’t claim to […]

Choreography of a flipped classroom

How do flipped classrooms work? In a previous post, we wrote about a research-based strategy, Just-in-Time-Teaching, for motivating students to do the work of content coverage out of class. But, what happens in class? Peer Instruction (PI) is the researched-based method we use for targeting depth and uncovering misconceptions and misunderstandings during class. Peer Instruction Network  member Bernado, who teaches Marketing in […]

Student Resistance to Flipped Classrooms

“We want lecture!” Faculty who try out  flipped classroom techniques will undoubtably face this response from students.  In February 2012, conversation on education list-serves about student resistance was stimulated in response to a Chronicle article titled, “How ‘Flipping’ the Classroom Can Improve the Traditional Lecture”. One reason students resist flipped class methods, including those which use Peer Instruction (PI), […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Into a Flipped Class

  This week, Turn to Your Neighbor introduces a new series authored by students, called The Sandbox.  In The Sandbox,  we will look at educational innovation from the student point of view.  In this first post, Bailey Urban, a master’s student in the Program in Higher Education Leadership at The University of Texas at Austin […]