3 ways to write effective questions


Ever wonder how to write Peer Instruction, clicker questions, or ConcepTests, or other item types that capture students attention in ways that help you share the wonderful world of the subject matter you are teaching? Check out my new post, “3 Tips for Teaching – Great Question Writing” on Teach.com to get 3 ideas for writing effective questions to engage students. The big idea? Write questions with Goldilocks in mind: not too hard, not to easy, but just right.


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  1. Al

    Considering the effort that goes into writing good questions, why does everyone have to reinvent the wheel? Is anyone writing a question about circuits that hasn’t been written before? (Is any third year teacher doing that?)

    Where can a new teacher find a good question bank and focus on the students learning? It takes long enough to analyze questions as it is…

    (Not that this isn’t a good skill to have, but where is the re-use?)

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