Flipped Classrooms 101 – A self-paced, short course

Boredom Monsters from Around the World

Teachers’ Boredom Monsters from Around the World

You’ve all met the Boredom Monster.

He’s that big blob lurking around our classrooms, poking students in the sides with his slimy fingers for attention and vexing us as we try with all our might to teach content in engaging and inspiring ways.  Flipped teaching can trap the Boredom Monster before he infiltrates your classroom space. Indeed, once he sees what’s going on in your flipped class, he will have no choice but to slither under the doors to infest your colleagues’ lecture halls, where he can properly do his life’s work.

To help you slay the Boredom Monster, I’ve put together an introductory, self-paced short course using Turn to Your Neighbor content – called Flipped Classrooms 101. After working through the short course, you will be able to answer two big questions about flipped classrooms: What is a flipped classroom? And how do you flip your classroom?

This basic short course is designed for someone who is less familiar with flipped teaching and learning – if you are more advanced, share this course with your peers, give tips in the comment section, or skip to the next steps.

I’ve carefully curated and scaffolded the content in 7 mini lessons  to help you prepare to FLIP your classroom using a simple, 4-step protocol and developed an accompanying writable, digital Flipped Classrooms 101 Workbook. The workbook has guided questions to facilitate your learning as you move through the mini lessons. You can save your responses to the workbook questions, print out a copy of the workbook or keep it as a file on your hard drive. If you play along, after mini lesson 6, you will also have a written protocol to help you get started with flipping your classroom right away.

Let’s get the Boredom Monster together!

Flipped Classrooms 101 – A Short Course 


Next steps?

I recommend these follow up readings

Thank you to Peer Instruction Network Member and flipper, Dr.  James Fraser, for informing the idea of the Boredom Monster.

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  1. Basarat Kazim

    I think GREAT!

    Flipped classrooms sound brilliant and certainly something I would love to see introduced in Pakistan’s schools. Let me download all the material, study it well and then perhaps I will apply for the brand ambassadorship for Pakistan 😉

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