Top 10 Hashtags for Flipped Classrooms and Flipped Teaching


Twitter is a great resource for learning about flipped teaching. Everyday, people tweet hundreds of tips, resources, personal stories, pose questions, and float ideas about flipped teaching.

(click the # hashtag to see the Top Tweets for that tag, no Twitter account necessary)

1. #flippedclass

2. #flipclass 

Both of these tags turn out terrific tweets everyday with resources, ideas, links, and conversation. 

3. #flippedlearning 

Similar to the above, but also with some unique content and users.

4. #flippedtip

Turn to Your Neighbor tweets a tip about flipped classrooms every work day. Tweet your own or fill out the flippedtip line form here and we will tweet it.

5. #peerinstruction  

Tweets about Peer Instruction from users all over globe. Peer Instruction is one (of many) research-based methods for flipping your class.

6. #edchat

Lots of great tweets about current trends in education – several tweets a day, not necessarily specific to flipped teaching, but I always find a gem or two in this stream.

7. #edtech 

One of the most popular hashtags for education, tons of content-rich tweets per day on all things related to #edtech, will often find #flipclass and #edtech tags together in one tweet.

8. #teachers 

Tends to direct content toward teachers, lots of tweets and includes tips, but requires some heavier filtering than the above tags.  I often find flipped class resources in this stream.

9. #highered 

This hash tag generates less on flipped learning, but a lot of content related to current trends in blended learning and online learning.

10. #screencast

Often has links to screencasts to view, so you can ideas for your own. Also has tips about screencasting, lecture capture, and software.

FlippedTweetTip: I also like to collect the Tweets from these tags in one place so I can review them at specific times during the day. I collect them using a cloud-based software IFTTT 

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  1. A number of us heavy-tweeters have also been using hashtag #clickers rather than #peerinstruction. Those 7 extra characters can be important 🙂


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