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Harvard University researchers Eric Mazur and Julie Schell have developed a new social network for innovative educators, everywhere. Mazur and Schell founded Peer Instruction Network to cultivate the growing global community of current and potential users of Peer Instruction (PI) and other research-based pedagogies and learning technologies. The site has over 3,000 registered members from all over the world, looking to connect about teaching and learning innovations.

The site is in its infancy and this is a BETA release – so we ask for users to submit suggestions, bugs, or wish-lists to here:

PI is an interactive teaching method created by Eric Mazur that relies on the power of both the “flipped classroom” and social learning.

In a PI course, information transfer or content coverage takes place in advance, typically through online readings, videos, and assignments before class meetings and information assimilation or content uncoverage happens during class. “In PI, students engage with subject matter by interacting with one another and their instructors, rather than sitting passively listening to lectures,” says Mazur.

Check out some videos of Peer Instruction here and here. Research demonstrates PI improves student conceptual understanding, academic performance, and retention in science majors compared to more traditional teaching methods.

“Decades of studies have taught us the  power of social learning to transform students’ educational experiences. We want to take what we have learned from observing the benefits of  peer interaction and leverage that to help improve instruction. With PI-Network, teachers from over the world, in every discipline, and diverse institutional types can connect, share, and learn from one another,” says Schell.

Search for members in your field or another once you join or update your profile. (During the beta release, users take time to update, there will be fewer individuals. It will take awhile for all 2500 people to update their profiles!).

Join PI-Network today, or sign-in to update your profile if you are already a member (members should have received an e-mail from Members can also click forgot password on the main page and enter the e-mail you used to originally sign-up to access their profile).

Read the original Harvard SEAS press release here:

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