Ways to Interact with Other Peer Instruction Users

· Peer Instruction

Peer Instruction Network
The global community for potential and current users of Peer Instruction. On www.peerinstruction.net, we are registering members to be part of the network. In the near future, we will launch site features which allow you to network with other members in their cities, disciplines, universities, and more.

Turn to Your Neighbor: The Official Peer Instruction Blog
At least weekly posts exploring all facets of Peer Instruction. Subscribe via e-mail or RSS on Turn to Your Neighbor’s homepage.

Peer Instruction on Twitter
Peer Instruction Network
Eric Mazur
Julie Schell

PI-Network Discussion List
A higher-traffic, loosely-moderated e-mail discussion list-serve for members of the Peer Instruction Network. Join by sending an email to pinetwork-request@seas.harvard.edu with the world subscribe in the subject line.

Peer Instruction Facebook Page

Peer Instruction on Linked In

A low-traffic, highly-moderated email list-serve of news and announcements for members of the Peer Instruction Network. Membership on PI-Network required. Join PI-Network for access to this list.

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