How to find ConcepTests or clicker questions

· ConcepTests, Peer Instruction

A common question about Peer Instruction is, where can you find ConcepTests for your discipline?

There are a number of databases for ConcepTest (interactive questions) on the web. You can find hundreds of ConcepTests at, for example. When Eric and I are searching for ConcepTests in a particular discipline, we use the following search:

<your discipline> ConcepTest
<your discipline> “Concept Test”
<your discipline> “Peer Instruction”


In response, Katherine Perkins wrote: “I Would add “clicker question” to your search for concept tests.”

Thanks, Katherine! Great idea.


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  1. Bander Almatari

    how do concept tests work in teaching philosophy?

  2. Genny Gaustad

    I am unable to find any psychology questions… anywhere. Suggestions??

  3. Lorena Barba

    I found an NSF-funded virtual community called ciHUB for concept inventory users and creators … but it looks like a ghost town. I wonder what happened to the effort, it seems like a great idea:

    • Sandra

      Limited number of disciplines included. No social science questions.

  4. Heidi

    Although I building my own banks of questions (concept questions, clicker questions), I am not having much luck finding any online, even following your suggestions above.

    For example, I don’t see any questions on the Learning Catalytics site, although I did find this statement:
    “Learning Catalytics also provides a searchable shared question library …”.

    Do we need to request an invitation and set up an instructor account to get access to resources on this site?

    • Brian Lukoff

      Yes — just request an invitation and we’ll create an instructor account for you; then you’ll have complete access to the shared question library.

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